Caretaker Minister of Education Abbas Al-Halabi issued a statement on Sunday, confirming “the transition to daylight saving time in educational institutions.”

The statement said: ‘In light of the significant dangers that the country is going through, and given my deep knowledge of the spirit of the heavenly religions that unites the people of the country under the umbrella of love, tolerance and mercy, especially during the time of fasting that brings everyone together, I call on all the Lebanese to reduce the intensity of the media conflict and to refrain from any new decisions such as the one that was taken recently, about not changing the clock as usual, which fueled the sectarian discourse in the country…”

The Education Minister considered that the decision of the Council of Ministers related to the adoption of daylight saving time remains valid unless it is amended in a session by the Council of Ministers. “Hence, daylight saving time in schools, professional institutes and universities remains dependent on the basis of the legitimacy of the decision and the affirmation of the unity of the people of education, so it is not permissible to leave educational, professional and university institutions at a loss,” Al-Halabi maintained.

“The educational sector is the only remaining model of national unity, and we will not leave it vulnerable to rupture and division,” he added.

Al-Halabi stressed in his statement that “the globe rotates and night and day move according to every country in the world, and the times of prayer, fasting and holidays change according to the sunrise and sunset in any spot on the earth.” Thus, he called on all sides to render the supreme national interest and people’s issues and needs above all else.

“If the Council of Ministers convenes and takes a decision amending its previous decision related to daylight saving time, we will be the first to apply. However, in the absence of such a decision, daylight saving time remains approved and applied in the educational sector,” Al-Halabi confirmed.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon