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Education Vice-Minister for Universities, Research, and Innovation participates in the Science and Technology Ministers’ Roundtable

The Vice Minister of Education for Universities, Research and Innovation, Dr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Sudairi, participates in the Science and Technology Ministers’ Roundtable, held in Japan today as part of the 19th Science and Technology Forum’s annual meeting.

During his speech delivered today via video conference, Dr. Al-Sudairi emphasized the importance of partnerships between the academic, industrial, and government sectors in finding sustainable solutions to achieve economic goals and confront global challenges such as climate change.

Dr. Al-Sudairi also indicates that one of the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 is to build a sustainable future and accelerate innovation-driven economic transformation. He added that the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia intends to achieve this objective through a number of national initiatives and projects designed to develop and enhance the educational journey for life and to build future skills in students, particularly in the field of science and technology. In addition, he clarified that purpose of cooperation with the public and private sectors is to direct university research, development, and innovation activities toward the needs of the national economy.

During his speech, Dr. Al-Sudairi declared that the most important lesson learned after the COVID-19 crisis is that “global problems require global solutions and effective cooperation,”. He emphasized the significance of benefiting from the level of capabilities provided by science and technology and working to achieve the latest advancements in these capabilities in order to prepare societies for the future.

Dr. Al-Sudairi also stresses the important role that participants must play in defining the systematic public policies that define the knowledge boundaries to achieve specific goals, as well as the role that governments, the private sector, and organizations must play in developing strategies that ensure the well-being of society, a brighter future for youth, and the achievement of a sustainable economy.

It is notable that this forum aims to expand international cooperation in the fields of science, technology, and innovation in order to address global challenges and to discuss the roles that science, technology, and innovation must play in a post-COVID-19 society.





Source: Saudi Press Agency

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