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Minister of Environment Nasser Yassin concluded his southern tour by visiting a number of places in the district of Tyre, most notably the Abbassieh Nature Reserve, in the presence of Tyre Municipalities Union Head Hassan Dbouq and Abbassieh Mayor Ali Ezzedine, alongside environmental activists and dignitaries from the region.

Upon visiting the medical waste treatment plant in the Abbassieh area, Yassin indicated that his tour aimed at having a closer look at the activities carried out by the municipalities, especially at the environmental level. “Today, we are in this important facility that treats medical waste in a large area covering the districts of Tyre and Bint Jbeil, and we have commended this successful experience, which we must work to transfer to other areas,” he said.

Highlighting the importance of nature reserves in the country, Yassin said: “The goal of having nature reserves is not limited to biological diversity, but can be developed to turn into an economic activity within environmental standards.”

“We are in the process of declaring Wadi Zebqin a nature reserve due to its natural richness, biological diversity and being a habitat for birds” he disclosed, regretting the major fire that has broke out in the area and which the civil defense mechanisms, ambulance services, the Lebanese army and UNIFIL are working to extinguish.

The Environment Minister then moved to the headquarters of the Union of Tyre’s Municipalities, where he held a meeting with the mayors, in the presence of “Liberation and Development" bloc member, MP Enaya Ezzeddine, and Union Head Hassan Dbouq, and a number of environmental activists and heads of environmental bodies, with talks centering on environmental issues and concerns.

"Environmental problems in all regions are similar in terms of failing to develop radical solutions,” Yassin said, hoping to reach decentralization in dealing with the waste crisis.

Yassin and the accompanying delegation later visited Tyre’s Beach Nature Reserve and listened to explanations about the treatment of the oil spill on its shore several months ago. They then moved to the town of Zebqin to inspect the fires that broke out at the entrance to Wadi al-Azieh, which is scheduled to be classified as a nature reserve.

Yassin concluded his tour by visiting the beach of the town of Qalila and the Orange House, where he was briefed by environmental activist Mona al-Khalil on the project to protect sea turtles.

Source: National News Agency