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EU Parliament Votes for Tougher Measures Against Iran


Brussels– European Parliament voted on a resolution today, by a majority of the Union and member states, calling for tougher actions against the Iranian regime, at the political and diplomatic level.

The European representatives condemned the repression carried out by the Iranian authorities against the protesters and the hostage-taking of Europeans, calling for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to be put on the European Union’s terrorist list and insisted that sanctions targeting Tehran had to be expanded after the violent suppression of protests, including the paramilitary Basij militia and the Quds Force, and to ban any economic and financial activity that includes commercial and related or owned activities, in whole or in part, by the IRGC or individuals affiliated with the IRGC.

The EU resolution, in cooperation with partners, urged any country in which the IRGC is deployed militarily, economically, or in the media to sever relations with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and criminalize it, strongly condemning the unjustified attack of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on Erbil Governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan, and stressing that such indiscriminate attacks threaten innocent civilians and the stability of the region.

The EU Parliament reiterated that the recent and ongoing human rights violations committed by the Iranian regime against its people endanger the negotiations on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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