Health Ministry identifies the top ten causes of deaths recorded over the past year

The Ministry of Health has identified the top ten causes of deaths recorded during the past year 2022, and the percentages of those deaths.

A statement by the Ministry quoted the Minister of Health, Saleh Mahdi Al-Hasnawi, as saying: The Ministry identified the first ten causes of death in Iraq during 2022, according to the database registered with the Ministry, according to the cases received by health institutions and forensic medicine, with a rate of 67% of them.

He added: deaths from ischemic heart disease ranked first with a rate of (11%), while three causes came in second place with a rate of (9%), each of which is high blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease and other forms of heart disease.

Al-Hasnawi indicated that (7%) of the recorded deaths are due to complications from diabetes, while deaths due to kidney failure amounted to about (6%). Other bacterial diseases accounted for about 4%, and deaths due to tumors of the digestive organs accounted for (2%).

Al-Hasnawi explained: The Ministry is working on preparing an integrated database throughout Iraq on deaths, births and diseases on an annual basis to prepare an annual work map through which to provide health services and develop the health reality.

He stressed the need to adhere to prevention and periodic early detection programs for chronic diseases and to review health institutions, especially in light of the expansion of the Ministry of Health in programs for early detection of chronic diseases and the increase in the number of specialized centers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency