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Health Ministry Participates through Sehhaty Application at Digital Saudi Pavilion at Comex Oman in Muscat

Muscat-- The Ministry of Health, through Sehhaty Application, participated in the #Digital_Saudi Pavilion at the Technology, Communications, Innovation and Digital Transformation Exhibition and Comex Exhibition, which were held in Muscat between May 23 and 25, 2022.

Sehhaty Application is one of the most important applications that offers multiple health services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and includes more than 26 digital health services for more than 25 million beneficiaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enhances and keeps pace with #Digital_Saudi in the process of the health transformation.

Through the application, more than 60 million COVID-19 vaccines have been administered, over 5.5 million appointments have been booked, more than 29 million appointments to inspect COVID-19 have been booked, in addition to helping issue more than 12 million sick leaves, issuing 1.5 million instant consultations, registering more than 1.2 people in the "Know your numbers" initiative, and registering over 2 million people in the "Walk for 30" initiative.

Source: Saudi Press Agency