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Heritage Commission Concludes Documenting, Classifying Decorative Designs, Handicrafts in Asir


The Heritage Commission announced today the completion of the project of documenting, classifying, and analyzing the heritage decorative designs found in handicrafts products in the Asir region, within the outputs of the partnership between the Ministry of Culture and the Asir Development Authority.

The project’s outputs included documented photographs of ornaments and handicrafts and digital and manual drawings, along with scientific research to technically study and analyze decorations and the identification of four courses for the classification of decorations, and the study and analysis of heritage decorations in the region by experts. The commission documented several handicrafts in the Asir Region, including the Asiry cat, wooden works, jewelry making, fashion crafts, and traditional construction.

The project aims to take advantage of the heritage decorations found in handicrafts products in the Asir Region to develop creative, innovative, and decorative designs, invest them in modern handicrafts products, as well as promote opportunities for intellectual community development, sustainable local creative of engineers, designers, craftsmen, amateurs, and young decorative art professionals.

The project is part of the Heritage Commission’s efforts to develop and protect the national heritage and to maximize its role in stimulating cultural tourism in the Kingdom, where highlighting the role of difficult decorations is a major influence in the development and revitalization of tourism culture and in familiarizing tourists with successive cultures and civilizations that have lived in the region.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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