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Human Rights Commission Signs Cooperation Agreement with Aoun Organization to Further Expand and Strengthen its Anti-Trafficking Efforts

Riyadh, The Human Rights Commission and Aoun Organization for the Welfare of Crime Victims signed today at HRC headquarters in Riyadh a memorandum of understanding to strengthen cooperation and coordination between the two institutions in protecting victims and potential victims of trafficking in persons. The agreement was signed by HRC's President and Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons Dr. Awad bin Saleh Al-Awwad, and the Chairman of Aoun’s Board of Directors General Dr. Saad bin Abdullah Al-Arifi.

The areas of cooperation between the two organizations include sheltering, protecting, and assisting victims and potential victims of trafficking in persons (P/VoTs), in line with the National Referral Mechanism to Combat Trafficking in Persons, launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The MoU also covers the exchange of necessary expertise on managing and operating shelters for trafficking victims following the standard operating procedures (SoPs) that have been developed in this regard. The cooperation between HRC and Aoun will also include specialized training for shelter staff and coordination with counterpart agencies.

Under the agreement, Aoun will provide safe housing and comprehensive care for victims of trafficking in persons in the city of Riyadh in line with international standards and best practices. The organization will also offer psychological and social support services, rehabilitation and reintegration services, legal advice, interpretation, and health assistance, in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

Source: Saudi Press Agency