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International Camel Organization Approves Many Projects and Programs related to Camels

Riyadh, The Board of Directors of the International Camel Organization (ICO) held its meeting today, under the chairmanship of Prince Sultan bin Saud bin Mohammed, Vice President of the ICO, on behalf of Founder and Chairman of the ICO Fahd bin Hathlin.

During the meeting, the ICO’s Board of Directors discussed the topics listed on the agenda and the adoption of the ICO’s strategic plan. It also reviewed the plan for holding the International Forum for Camel and the Desert, as it approved holding it within the activities of the next edition of King Abdulaziz Camel Festival.

The ICO’s Board of Directors approved the implementation of a number of programs with King Abdulaziz Public Library, as well as the work plan with the FAO for the Year of Camelids 2024.

Source: Saudi Press Agency