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Jumblatt, Zaspkin partake in Kamal Jumblatt’s anniversary commemoration: To accelerate government formation for Lebanon’s sake

The town of Mukhtara and the Progressive Socialist Party revived Saturday the late leader Kamal Jumblatt's 101st birth anniversary this year, with crowds of supporters participating in the commemoration despite the bad weather conditions and PSP Chief, Walid Jumblatt's call for relieving citizens and rendering it a normal working day.

The heavy popular participation came "to renew the era of the late Kamal Jumblatt and to continue his approach and safeguarde his intellectual heritage, values and principles, on one hand, and to rally around PSP Chief Walid Jumblatt and his son, Democratic Gathering Head, MP Taymour Jumblatt, during the current delicate political phase in Lebanon, on the other hand."

Jumblatt thanked all participants in the commemoration of his late father's birth anniversary, saying, "If Kamal Jumblatt was with us today, he would have laid a flower for the sake of Lebanon and its unity and safety...On this occasion, we renew our hope to accelerate the formation of the new government for the sake of Lebanon."

Jumblatt highlighted the need for compromises from both contradicting sides in order to preserve the country's best interests. He vowed to pursue the peaceful and democratic struggle, adding that "all of Lebanon is fine, yet economically it is not in good condition."

For his part, Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zaspkin, who laid a wreath at the tomb of the late Kamal Jumblatt accompanied by a senior Embassy delegation, stressed "the important and remarkable place that the great Kamal Jumblatt occupies...who embraced all sides together in politics, science and philosophy."

Zaspkin reiterated the strong, historic and qualitative ties shared between Lebanon and Russia ever since the days of Kamal Jumblatt until today. "We have created an atmosphere of friendship and strategic cooperation that lasted till this day, and we always benefit from the teachings of Kamal Jumblatt in all areas, especially with regards to human and national issues, to overcome factional and partisan considerations...and this is what we are fully aware of in Russia today," he added.

Over the new government formation, Zaspkin said: "The position of Russia encourages the concerned parties to speed up the cabinet formation, for we are aware of its importance in relation to the fate of Lebanon...and it is clear to all the huge problems that threaten security, stability and economy."

"I am convinced that it is a Lebanese decision, regardless of what is happening in the region," he went on. "It is the goal we seek and the international community should help, but the biggest responsibility in these circumstances rests on the Lebanese political forces," Zaspkin corroborated.

Source: National News Agency