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Kanaan after bloc meeting welcomes LF participation in government

"Strong Lebanon" bloc on Tuesday held its weekly meeting presided over by Caretaker Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, at the FPM's headquarters at the Mirna Chalouhi center.

Speaking in the wake of the bloc's periodic meeting, the Bloc's Secretary MP Ibrahim Kanaan, welcomed the positive aspects that emerged in the last phase of the process of forming the government at the earliest opportunity, in the shadow of internal and regional challenges.

The bloc also highly welcomed the decision of the Lebanese Forces (LF) to partake in government, hoping there will be solutions to the remaining standing problems.

He hoped the birth of the new Cabinet will not take long, stressing the need for fruitful political endeavors.

The Lawmaker also underscored the importance of an efficient and effective executive authority, affirming the bloc's willingness to cooperate with all other blocs to secure the realization of a productive government.

Kenaan concluded by stressing the Bloc's keenness on following up on all matters of concern to the Lebanese citizens.

Source: National News Agency