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Killing and wounding 659 Houthi militia men in battles in Taiz in two months

Aden, The Yemeni army announced the killing of 285 members of Houthi coup militias and wounding 374 others, including field commanders in the battles and raids of the Arab coalition fighters in Taiz province during the last months of May and June .

The military said in a statement published by the media center of Taiz that the army destroyed and damaged during that period 9 military vehicles, six machine guns, two guns and a tank.

The statement pointed out that the battles focused on the front Maqbna, western of the province and army forces were able to liberate the hills of Kassem, Asilah, Nuba and Al-khazan in addition to the control of the strategic mountain of Alauid overlooking Al-Jisr Valley and Al-Ayyar Junction on the road between the city of Taiz and Al-Burg area in western province.

It added that army forces supported by the fighters of the Arab Coalition restored the village of Al-Mqariba, a number of sites surrounding the strategic Al-Hosn Mountain and control of the mountains of Al-Qasir and Buwair and Wadi Al-Jisr in Maqbnah directorate

On the front of Habashi Mountain, the statement said that the army was able to liberate a number of sites in the front of Wahr, in the area of Al-Ainain in the direction of Al-Ramada road linking the provinces of Taiz and Hodeidah.

Source: Saudi Press Agency