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King Salman Urban Charter’s Typeface Wins Three International Prizes

Riyadh, The Architecture and Design Arts Commission has announced the official typeface of King Salman Urban Charter winning three international prizes, it was reported here today.

The Arabic charter calligraphy was designed to embody meanings resembling the originality of architecture inspired from the small windows of muddy traditional homes once emerged in Najd region of Saudi Arabia. The letter drawing depends on primary shapes of the square, triangle, rectangle and circle which reflects the visual heritage of the region.

The typeface was selected by international institutions as coming first and second by Type Directors Club (TDC) and accredited by the renowned calligrapher and designer Mamoun Sakkal. In Granshan 2022, it ranked second as Arabic Display Typeface.

The new letterform will be displayed in New York before making a tour which will take it to ten world major countries.

King Salman Urban Charter is one of the most important national initiatives of the Architecture and Design Arts Commission launched in 2021.

Source: Saudi Press Agency