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Ministry of Interior Clarifies Health Controls in Public Places

Riyadh, An official source in the Ministry of Interior announced that open spaces are those places that are not covered and not surrounded by borders such as public parks, and pedestrian sidewalks which are open to all, without entry requirements or arrangements from a regulator. This does not include sports stadiums, events and large events, which are designated to host 500 people at the same time or more, regardless of the number of actual attendance. The source said that it is obligatory to wear a mask, while attending those places and events.

The announcement is based on what was submitted by the competent health authorities regarding the definitions of public places and their health controls.

The source also called on all citizens and residents, who have received two-dose COVID-19 vaccine at least six months ago, to quickly obtain the booster dose, with the aim of strengthening the community's immunity.

The source stressed that all organizers of activities must check, through Tawakkalna application the health status of those who attend these activities.

Moreover, the source reiterated the continued application of all precautionary measures, including wearing masks, and social distancing in places where the vaccination status couldn't be checked such as mosques, public utility markets and small shops.

Source: Saudi Press Agency