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Moon, Putin Hope to Deepen Cooperation on 30th Anniv. of Bilateral Ties

Seoul, President Moon Jae-in and Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed their desire today, on Friday to further develop bilateral relations, as the two countries mark the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties Yonhap cited Cheong Wa Dae as saying.
The two men exchanged messages for the Sept. 30 anniversary, noting progress in various areas of cooperation, including politics, business and culture.
“President Moon, in particular, hoped that the 9-Bridge cooperation projects for Eurasia’s co-prosperity will build on their achievements, and for continued close communication and cooperation between the two countries for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula,” Cheong Wa Dae said in a statement.
The nine bridges refer to railways, power, shipbuilding, gas, ports, Arctic routes, agriculture and forestry, fisheries and industrial complexes.
Moon also said he looks forward to greater cooperation in industries of the future, including science and technology, and health.
Putin wrote in his message that he is confident the two countries will further develop their mutually beneficial partnership for increased stability and security on the peninsula and in Northeast Asia.
Moon said he looks forward to continuing their dialogue on the mutually beneficial and future-oriented bilateral relationship as soon as the coronavirus pandemic allows Putin to visit South Korea.
Putin said he hopes the two sides will go ahead with events planned for the South Korea-Russia Year of Exchange, which marks the anniversary, as soon as the pandemic eases.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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