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Nearly Five Million Students Sit Third-semester Exams in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh-- As many as 4,980,229 male and female students in public and private schools started taking the exams for the third semester of the year 1443 AH, which will continue until next Wednesday.

The schools received male and female students after completing their arrangements for organizing and preparing examination halls and distributing students to examination committees.

This test is the third and final for this year, after the decision to add a third semester to the academic year.

The Ministry of Education, through its various education departments, directly oversaw the preparations of schools and provided the necessary support to prepare schools for exams under the supervision of specialists in education departments.

The ministry also published, through its official account on “Twitter”, tips and instructions for male and female students, to prepare well for the final exams, including preparing a timetable to review the schools' curricula, making comprehensive mental plans for the various sections of the subject, and take short exams.

The ministry called on the students, as part of its instructions, to take sufficient sleep periods, not to be stressed and anxious about the test, to study carefully, and to identify the important points for each lesson, in addition to choosing the proper study environment.

Source: Saudi Press Agency