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Operations To Tracking Daesh Remnants Is Continuous For The Second Day In Hamrin, Northeast Of Baquba

Diyala, The operation command of Diyala confirmed that the process of tracking remnants of Daesh is continuous for the second day in the areas of Hamrin, northeast of Baquba

The head of Diyala operations, Major General Mezher al-Azzawi, told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) today that "the joint military operation that launched yesterday from five axes continued for the second day to chase Daesh cells in Hamrin and areas adjacent to Baghdad-Kirkuk road.

He added that the joint security forces are continue to carry out the duty to search villages of Qara Tabah to search for terrorist groups.

On the other hand, the Diyala police command announced the destruction of a cache of explosives containing 18 improvised explosive devices and large quantities of C-4 during the operation of the martyrs north of Hamrin north-east of Baquba.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency