Over 7,000 Kindergarten Teachers Enrol in Musical Arts Training Programme

More than 7,000 kindergarten women teachers are enrolling in the first phase of the “Qualifying Programme for Kindergarten Teachers for Musical Arts Training”, which is implemented under the umbrella of the “Strategy for Developing Cultural Capabilities” in partnership with the Ministries of Culture and Education, under the supervision of the ministry’s Music Commission.

The strategy aims to achieve several results, most important of which is to provide talented citizens the opportunity to discover and develop their capabilities at an early age, thus contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of the educational and cultural sectors regionally and internationally.

The four-week first phase of the qualifying programme began on Sunday under the supervision of the Music Commission of the Ministry of Culture and experts specialised in education and training at kindergarten stage. Registration for the second phase of the programme will be announced at a later date.

The programme aims to improve the cognitive and performance skills of kindergarten teachers who would then organise musical activities and lessons for children, teaching them, among others, the characteristics of sound and related terminology.

Source: Saudi Press Agency