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PM Inaugurates The National Health Factory For Producing Medical Materials


The Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, inaugurated today, Saturday, the National Health Factory affiliated to the Medical Clinics Department in the Ministry of Health, for the production of medical supplies such as sterilization materials, dialysis solutions, and others.

Al-Sudani blessed the opening of this important factory, which meets the priorities of the government program, and is consistent with the government’s vision to revitalize and localize the pharmaceutical industry, to provide its components in Iraq, and in pursuit of drug security and alleviating the heavy burden on citizens.

The National Health Factory, according to a statement by Al-Sudani’s office, includes four production lines, and it works to meet the needs of the Ministry of Health in terms of sterilization materials and other materials, like (sheets, cups and operating kits), as well as the production of dialysis solutions, and the manufacture of high-quality plastic packages of various sizes, in accordance with specifications. internationally accredited. The factory’s production is four times the Ministry of Health’s needs.

During the inauguration, the Prime Minister said: “The National Health Factory represents a success story that deserves attention, as it relied on the pioneering private sector, with international standards.”

He added, “Our presence at the opening of this factory is a message of support from the government for the private sector in localizing the pharmaceutical industry, which is a goal that we set and began to implement in practice.”

He continued: “This factory, and after examining all its details, we can say that it will secure all the needs of health institutions, including disinfectants, sterilizers, hospital supplies, and dialysis solutions,” indicating the importance of this achievement in securing materials that were imported from outside Iraq, and the accompanying by many problems that the Ministry of Health suffers from.

He pointed out: “Some hospitals were helpless in the process of providing dialysis solutions and asking the patient to provide them,” indicating: “The factory was established in partnership with the popular clinics in the Ministry of Health, and this is also a gain for the ministry, as it has 15% of the factory’s product sales.”

He stressed that: the factory is ready to add other production lines to expand and secure the rest of the requirements that health institutions need.

He added: Today we focus on the localization of the pharmaceutical industry, because drug security is one of the most important requirements for the security of citizens and the security of the state in light of economic crises and epidemics, and the state must be able to secure health requirements for citizens instead of waiting for shipments to come from this or that country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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