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Representatives of Pharmaceutical sector, Omani delegation talk cooperation, opportunities


Amman: The Ministry of Investment organized a special meeting for the Jordanian pharmaceutical sector with the Omani economic delegation that visited the Kingdom headed by the Omani Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion, Qais bin Mohammed Al-Yousef.

According to a statement by the Jordan Chamber of Industry on Saturday, the meeting was held to follow up on the outcomes of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s visit to the Sultanate of Oman in 2022, and his meeting with his brother, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Sultan of Oman, which highlighted the investment opportunities and potential available between the two countries and the importance of developing and strengthening them.

The meeting also followed up on the visit made by the Oman Investment Authority to the Kingdom at the beginning of last year to study the frameworks of cooperation between the two countries and to strengthen the Jordanian-Omani partnership in various fields.

According to the statement, Minister Al-Yousef pointed t
o the strong and long-standing trade relations and commercial partnerships between the two countries, explaining that the meeting will build on greater ambitions to develop joint work and push the elements of integration towards broader horizons, to build a competitive economy that interacts with the economies of the world.

He added that there is a mutual desire to provide all the facilities, incentives, and capabilities that will enable the private sector to contribute to achieving prosperity and sustainable growth.

Al-Yousef stressed the importance of enhancing trade relations between the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom in order to increase the volume of trade exchange and to enhance the areas of commercial and investment cooperation in the priority sectors that will contribute to providing job opportunities and driving sustainable development.

For his part, the representative of the Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Supplies Sector at the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Fadi Al-Atrash, confirmed that
the Chamber seeks to bloster cooperation with the Omani side by doubling the volume of trade exchange to benefit from the agreements that link the two countries with most of the world’s markets to transfer and localize technology and increase investments in all fields and increase the volume of trade exchange and find industrial partnerships that are consistent with the aspirations of the two countries and the available production and export capabilities.

He pointed out that Jordan abounds with many promising investment opportunities that are worthy of the attention of the Omani brothers, pointing to the achievement of many economic reforms aimed at improving the business environment in Jordan, which are in line with the Economic Modernization Vision 2033.

Al-Atrash noted that special field visits were coordinated for the Omani delegation to some Jordanian pharmaceutical factories to see the development of the pharmaceutical industries in Jordan, its skilled workers and the diversity of its high-quality pro

During the meeting, it was agreed to hold subsequent expanded meetings between specialists from the two sides in the human and veterinary pharmaceutical sector to discuss and deepen ways of cooperation, including achieving development and excellence in the pharmaceutical sector in the two countries.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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