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Saudi Arabia Wins Presidency of the Aviation Security Committee in the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO) for a Second Time

Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia won the presidency of the Aviation Security Committee of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO), with a unanimous vote from the member states. Thus, the Kingdom continues to chair the Aviation Security Committee for the second time in a row.

This achievement comes as an affirmation of the Kingdom's pivotal role and its positive efforts in dealing with the data of the air transport industry at the regional and international levels. Moreover, it clearly reflects the prestigious international position that the Kingdom enjoys in international forums related to civil aviation.

The Kingdom has made great efforts to support aviation security in the world by launching programs and initiatives of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO). This in addition to sending Saudi experts to work in specialized organizations, plus hosting the permanent headquarters of the ICAO Regional Safety Oversight Organization for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA RSOO), the permanent headquarters for the Cooperative Aviation Security Programme Middle East (CASP-MID).

It is worth noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been a member of the organization since its establishment in 1996. The Organization consists of 21 countries. The Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO) is a specialized Arab organization affiliated with the League of Arab States that aims to strengthen cooperation and coordination between countries in the field of civil aviation.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated in the establishment of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization along with its sister states from the Arab countries, and it will spare no effort in emphasizing joint Arab action to ensure thepp safe and continuous development of the Arab civil aviation sector.

Source: Saudi Press Agency