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Saudi Fund for Development, European Commission hold a joint workshop on knowledge exchange in sustainable development


Riyadh-- The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) today held a joint virtual workshop for knowledge exchange in sustainable development with the European Commission, attended by several representatives from both sides.

The workshop aimed to discuss and exchange experiences and knowledge in the development field, as an introductory overview was shared on the work of their agencies, development projects, and strategic plans aimed at achieving sustainable development in the beneficiary countries.

The European Commission's representative said that the European Union institutions work together to provide the necessary financing to eradicate all forms of poverty and hunger, to ensure dignity and equality, to achieve a prosperous life, and to implement development projects through international partnerships.

The Saudi Fund for Development presented its main achievements and contributions in supporting developing countries, highlighting that SFD, since its establishment in 1975, has funded several development projects and programs for developing countries, amounting to 697 projects and development programs in 84 countries.

The workshop emanated from SFD’s keenness in the importance of development cooperation and unifying efforts to achieve a positive and sustainable impact that guarantees a prosperous future and contributes to opening new horizons for constructive partnerships with relevant international bodies.

The Fund is the developmental arm of the Saudi government and one of the largest actors in providing development assistance. It has contributed for decades to helping developing countries achieve stability and prosperity through soft loans to support various development sectors. It also contributes, in cooperation with its regional and international development partners, to coordinating constant support to developing countries to help them achieve the goals of sustainable development.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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