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Saudi pavilion at “Expo 2020 Dubai” Joins the world in observing the World Food Day

The Saudi pavilion participating in Expo 2020 Dubai embodies the tail of development in the Kingdom, including food and its related concepts of sustainability, changing consumption and waste patterns, the problem of hunger, and other themes that the World Food Day seeks to devote, which the world celebrates annually on October 16.

The pavilion, with its unique design, has garnered international awards in environmental sustainability, in addition to its keenness to use recyclable materials in its various sections, including “Sard Café”, which serves distinctive dishes of Saudi cuisine, and Saudi coffee, according to an integrated “Sard” that reveals the extent to which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken care, in addition to providing these foods and drinks in healthy, environment-friendly manners.

While celebrating World Food Day, the pavilion joins the other of the pavilions taking part in the Expo 2020 Dubai, in the context of a growing global interest in the need to enhance awareness of the basic needs of humans, provide food and solve the problem of hunger. The Kingdom is exerting extensive efforts with its international partners to address these issues by rethinking practices that affect nature and reshaping food security systems in ways that ensure healthy lives and preserve the people and the planet.

Through its pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Kingdom provides an overview of its pioneering efforts in serving food issues. Besides its internal efforts in developing vegetation cover, improving agricultural production tools to reduce the depletion of non-renewable groundwater, and changing food consumption patterns to reduce food waste, Saudi Arabia enters into fruitful partnerships with international organizations to achieve close and continuous cooperation to serve global food issues, and bears a significant contribution to initiatives to donate food to the needy, and to support nutrition programs, be it with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, or through the UN World Food Program, which recently praised the Kingdom's endeavors and efforts in helping the organization meet urgent food needs at all levels.

The pavilion at Expo dedicates these concepts, through its diverse content, which celebrates the Saudi ecosystems that affect natural development, whether in deserts, oases, beaches, or natural reserves that abound in the Kingdom, and receive great attention from its leadership and public and private agencies, in a manner that supports KSA’s objectives to keep pace with the growing global movement towards food and environmental issues, and its support for all international partnerships that aim to address poverty, food waste, and environmental imbalances that affect nature and food production levels.

Source: Saudi Press Agency