Sheikh Hamoudi: Japan must take more interactive positions with Gaza

Baghdad -Today, Wednesday, the head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council, Sheikh Humam Hamoudi, called on Japan to take more interactive positions with Gaza.

A statement from his media office said in a statement: “Hamoudi received the Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Futoshi Matsumoto.”

Sheikh Hamoudi stressed, during the meeting, that “there is internal and regional interaction for the initiative that we launched to make oil in exchange for protecting the people of Gaza, stopping genocide, and opening relief corridors,” noting that “oil is essential to the lives of peoples and that the West only understands the language of interests, and we must address it with it.”

He pointed out that “Iraq does not want to expand the war, and at the same time it does not accept the annihilation of the people of Gaza in this brutal way, and the international community is watching,” indicating that “people in all the world have begun to sympathize humanly with Gaza and come out with large demonstrations, and their anger may develop to something that no one can control or prevent it.

He urged “Japan to take more interactive positions with Gaza that befit Japan’s international weight and the breadth of its relations and interests with the countries of the region,” noting that “silence is what encouraged the Zionist entity to persist and violate international laws and norms.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency