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Shorter pays farewell visit to Gemayel

Former President, Amine Gemayel, on Wednesday welcomed at his Bekfaya residence British Ambassador to Lebanon, Hugo Shorter, who paid him a farewell visit upon winding up his diplomatic mission in Lebanon.

On emerging, Ambassador Shorter said that they held a tour d'horizon bearing on the general situation in the country.

Shorter underlined the importance that discussions on forming the new government would reach a result in accordance with a balanced equation that gives each party its status.

"It is important to achieve progress concerning this issue due to Lebanon's need for the government's work and reform measures," the outgoing ambassador noted.

"I hope to see a positive progress in this regard and to see a government that sends a positive signal to the world that Lebanon is in a balanced and impartial position and not biased towards any axis or party, which poses a threat to stability," he said.

On the hurdles delaying the government formation, Shorter hoped that a solution for distributing ministerial portfolios in a way acceptable to all parties would be reached in order to enable the country to move forward.

On the recent CEDRE Conference, the UK envoy pointed out that the Conference has set a road map for reforms and for donor countries, urging Lebanon to work on this road map and enact reforms for the welfare of the country.

Source: National News Agency