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SPA Camera’s Lens Shed Lights Amala, Middle East Emerging Rivera-like Resort, Giving to the Red Sea

Riyadh, Visitors to the Amala emerging tourist landmark, in Tabuk Region, in the North-Western part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, describe it as another version of the famous Rivera region, due to the similarity between them, with the climate that comes as a natural extension of the moderate Mediterranean climate, combined with the tranquility of nature and the purity on the shores of the Red Sea.

The Amala project, launched by the Public Investment Fund earlier this year, will serve as a luxurious tourist destination on the Red Sea coast, with a whole new concept of luxury tourism focused on recovery, health and treatment.

It has an unprecedented level of luxury that is reflected in Amala hotels and private villas, with distinctive engineering designs that reflect the attention it has received, as well as its embrace of the Village of Contemporary Art, which offers outstanding experiences to resident artists, guests and academics, of the fine arts.

Developed by Saudi artists, it is hosting a wide range of artistic and cultural events, for the availability of multi-use spaces for meetings and performances of art and culture, including wright plays, musical evenings, museums, galleries and sculptures, in addition to a maritime museum, integrated sports facilities for fitness activities and a marina dedicated to yachts and luxury small boats.

Amala project, is a major drive of economic diversification, investment opportunities for the local private sector, attracting foreign direct investment to contribute to the development of the Kingdom's tourism sector, preserving cultural and environmental heritage and achieving sustainability, in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) lens took some aerial photos shots, to spotlight a spring atmosphere of Amala beaches, fresh water and coral reefs.

Source: Saudi Press Agency