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Supported by KSrelief, More than 14,000 beneficiaries of Emergency Center for Epidemic Diseases Control in Hajjah in June

Hajjah, Yemen, Supported by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), the Emergency Center for Epidemic Diseases Control in Hiran District, Hajjah Governorate, Yemen provided treatment services for 14,569 beneficiaries in the month of June 2022 AD.

The emergency clinic was visited by 1,409 patients, the internal clinic by 395, the epidemiology clinic by 2,737, the isolation services by 60, the laboratory department by 881, medicines were distributed to 4,513 individuals, the medical referral department was visited by 33 people, and the awareness and education department by 4,541. In the support services, 1,930 people benefited from the observation section, while 13 activities were carried out to dispose of waste.

Source: Saudi Press Agency