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The Basra government discusses with the French Chargé d’Affairs the files of water, electricity, environment and the province’s metro


The local government in Basra discussed today, Thursday with the French Embassy in Iraq the possibility of expanding the participation of French companies to work in a number of vital sectors, the most important of which are seawater desalination projects, energy, environment, the construction of the Basra metro, and the exchange of experiences in the field of education. .

The First Deputy Governor of Basra, Eng. Muhammad Taher Al-Tamimi, said in a press statement that he discussed with the French Chargé d’Affairs in Iraq, John Christophe, a partnership contract for project development, and opportunities for French companies to enter to compete in water desalination projects, establishing water stations, and discussing the possibility of inviting French companies to participate in the implementation of the sea water desalination project.

He explained that other files were discussed in the field of electric energy, exchange of experiences in the field of education, as well as offering investment opportunities in the field of transportation to implement the Basra metro project, as well as confronting climate change and studying other projects that contribute to the development of agriculture and finding effective solutions to guide irrigation and optimal use of water in the province.

The Deputy Governor affirmed that the local government is fully prepared to open prospects for cooperation with the French Embassy and to provide all the facilities it needs to work in Basra. / End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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