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The Minister of Oil Confirms the Role of The Oil And Gas Industry In Supporting The National Economy

Baghdad Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, affirmed the keenness of the Ministry of Oil on the optimal investment of oil and gas resources in the country, leading to the sustainable development of the national economy.

The Minister of Oil said in a lecture at the Defense University for Higher Military Studies under the title “The Strategy of the Ministry of Oil and its Impact on Strengthening the National Economy” that: The oil sector companies are working according to a planned strategy to develop oil fields, optimal investment for gas and the use of modern technology in the manufacturing and refining industry, pointing to the achievement of increases in the production capacities of oil and gas, and all of this is in the interest of increasing the financial revenues of the federal treasury.

He pointed out that: The development in the oil and gas industry and the increase in production have boosted the revenues of the Iraqi state, and this contributed to securing the country's necessary needs in various sectors.

Ismail reviewed the reality of the oil industry in Iraq and the clear progress it has achieved in the field of developing fields and optimal investment for gas, and the ministry's quest to achieve more for the development of the economy.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency