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Transport and Logistic Services Authority Makes Great Strides Last Year in Compliance with Vision 2030, Report

Riyadh, The transport and logistic services authority has made great strides last year in terms of developmental achievements in compliance with the Kingdom vision 2030, it was reported here today.

The launch of the national strategy for transport and logistic services is considered the cornerstone of the vision in this field.

Moreover, the accreditation of the Logistic Services secretariat within the Ministry of Transport as well as the launch of the Saudi Logistics Academy which has managed to provide training for 300 female and male personnel came as two important developments, the report said.

In coordination with Nadlib program, the unified logistics license was launched whereas 34 companies have already received their licenses.

In yet another across the border achievement, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gained the membership of the international navy organization for two terms 2022 - 2023 in addition to its advance in the naval navigation network index.

Last year, four Saudi airports ranked among the ME's best ten while King Abdullah port topped the world's ports in the container performance index with Jeddah Islamic port ranking eighth globally.

Source: Saudi Press Agency