Weather Forecast for Sunday

Riyadh–The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has issued its daily forecast report for the weather in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The report said that moderate and torrential thundershowers, accompanied by active winds will be forecasted to fall on Najran, Asir and Jazan regions, while the thunderstorms, accompanied by active dusty winds will continue to occur on some parts of Eastern, Riyadh and Qassim regions, as well as some parts of Baha region, extending to the heights of Makkah region.

The report showed that the surface wind movement in the Red Sea will be westerly to northwesterly at speed of 15-35 km/h, on northern part and at speed of 40-20 km/h, on central part and southwesterly to westerly, gradually turning northwesterly at speed 15-35 km/h, on southern part, reaching to 45km/h, with thunderclouds, while the surface wind movement in the Arabian Gulf will be northeasterly to southeasterly at speed 15-30km/h, reaching to 40km/h, with thunderclouds.

Source: Saudi Press Agency