Zamazameh Company: 950 People to Deliver Zamzam Water to Pilgrims around clock

The Zamazameh Company has harnessed all its capabilities and is manning nine field centers to deliver Zamzam water bottles to pilgrims at their places of stay in Makkah. The service is available around the clock at locations close to the pilgrims’ accommodations.

The deputy general supervisor of the season’s work at the company, Rayan Zamzami, said that the centers work around the clock in Makkah and the other holy sites. More than 950 employees, including support staff and Zamzam personnel, as well as a fleet of 137 delivery trucks are working at the highest safety standards, he added.

Zamzami said that tasks at the service centers include electronic tracking of pilgrim residences, through the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, linking the company control center with the Zamzam electronic platform, receiving Zamzam water bottles from the supplies center, loading them onto the delivery trucks, and transporting them to the pilgrims’ residences. He emphasized that this is nonstop work to ensure the water is efficiently delivered, without delay.

Source: Saudi Press Agency