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The monetary situation in Lebanon is strong and the central bank is keen on monetary stability," said member of the "Development and Liberation" parliamentary bloc, MP Anwar al-Khalil after his meeting with Central Bank Governor RiadSalameh.

"What contradicts this fact is sheer rumors programmed for political purposes," he said.

"Contrary to all the rumors, I emphasize that the monetary situation in Lebanon is solid and stable, and I say this based on the encouraging financial indicators and the figures that speak for themselves. (...) The Central bank is keen on monetary stability with confidence and high capacity," the MP added.

"The monetary policy of the Banque du Liban, led by a governor well aware of his responsibilities, has led to high international confidence in this sector," he said, slamming the rumors that tamper with national security and affect national unity and monetary stability.

"The central bank's role as a financial safety valve for Lebanon should not absolve the government of its constitutional responsibilities," al-Khalil noted, deeming inacceptable the government formation delay due to excuses linked to government portfolio shares.

Source: National News Agency

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