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BSTD’s third summer camp concludes

Bahrain Society for Training and Development (BSTD) has concluded its third Summer Camp '2020 and beyond' in collaboration with Bahrain Polytechnic with the participation of 35 university students from several local and foreign universities.

The main aim of the Camp was to empower youth withfive employability skills which were selected according to a research study conducted by the World Economic Forum about the most important employability skills for labour market in year 2020 and beyond.

The camp was launched by five competent Bahraini trainers who seek to bridge the gap in the labour market and to give the youth the opportunity to unleash their creative energies in an interactive environment, the trainers of the camp are Dr. Maria Sabri, Al-Nasser, Layla Al-Qasab, Sana Al-Amri and Samira Ali Baba.

The event included 5 workshops presented in English with a unique variety of practical applications and interactive games. The workshops covered the following topics: Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation Skills, Personnel Management, Critical Thinking and complex Problem Solving.

The Youth Forum President Sanaa Al Amri noted that this is the third youth camp for Bahrain Society for Training and Human Resources Development and the second fruitful collaboration with Bahrain Polytechnic based on the community engagement and the common goalof the two parties to build youth readiness for the labor market (work ready graduates). This Camp is an investment in the Bahraini youth that comes in line with the Kingdom's goals in achieving the goals of sustainable development and with the vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain 2030.

Sameera Ali Baba, the Director of Professional Certifications and Youth Programs, praised the importance of preparing youth to enter the labor market in support of the development movement in the Kingdom. This camp is the result of intensive efforts by the Bahrain Training Society which strives to develop youth.

Source: Bahrain News Agency