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Yemeni Government Officially Accuses Al-Houthi Militia of Bombing Civilians in Al-Hudaydah 2 Aden

Moreover, the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights has also explained that witnesses confirmed that the crime was the bombing of a number of mortar shells on neighboring neighborhoods turned by Al-Houthi militia into military barracks being exploited by them as platforms for launching their weapon shells.

The Ministry called on the international community, particularly the High Commission for Human Rights to act urgently to protect civilians, condemn these crimes and exert pressure on Al-Houthi militias to cease their crimes as well as all forms of systematic violations and crimes against innocent civilians.

The statement stressed that the Ministry of Human Rights is monitoring and documenting these violations on an ongoing basis and submit them to relevant local and international committees to spot and identify criminals and restore the victims' rights.

Source: Saudi Press Agency