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URGENT.. Al-Abadi holds an emergency meeting with the MPs of Basra and its Governor/ expanded

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi held an emergency meeting with a number of members of the House of Representatives from the province of Basra in the presence of Governor As'ad al-Eidani.

The meeting was devoted to discuss the conditions of the province of Basra service and recent developments.

The Prime Minister's press office said: "At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister affirmed the determination of the Council of Ministers to address the water problem, follow-up the solutions discussed during the last few weeks as well as the decisions made during the meetings held, Basra or in Baghdad and the latest expanded meeting last Thursday and the decisions of the Council of Ministers today, which included immediate and other measures during the weeks and months to come. "

He added that in order to activate the above-mentioned decisions, the decision of the Council of Ministers included the responsibility of implementing these decisions with the Governor of Basrah As'ad al-Eidani and the local government with the delegation of administrative and financial powers to the Governor of Basra and granting the necessary exceptions to the instructions in accordance with specific timetables to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of projects that have been approved, including in particular water desalination projects and liquidation and rehabilitation of water distribution networks and the extension of new transmission lines to provide sufficient quantities of water for different areas.

During the meeting, the security situation in Basra was reviewed. The participants stressed the need to calm the situation and investigate what happened and refused the attacks and the destruction of public property.

He called on the people of Basra to cooperate with the security forces in uncovering the offensive elements and to miss them the opportunity, in order to create the appropriate conditions for launching the implementation of the approved projects, while praising the high discipline of citizens in expressing their legitimate demands.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency