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MP: The Crisis In Basra Borne By Successive Govts.. The Demands Must Be Implemented With Specific Timetables

Baghdad, A Member of the House of Representatives for the province of Basra, Hassan Khalati confirmed that "the crisis of the province bear by successive governments in addition to the apparent lack of performance of everyone."

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) "the crisis will not end without setting specific timetables by the next government to implement the constitutional demands of the people of Basra, who live in difficult conditions of the lack of clear and virtually non-existent water, electricity and basic services."

He added, "What happened in the province of security breaches and attacks on government and private properties and others belonging to the popular mobilization cannot be done by the honorable people of the province, but by a group of those who want to spread division and sedition among their sons,"

"The position of the tribes and peaceful national demonstrators from these actions is a real expression of the real national position and peaceful demonstrations guaranteed by the law and the Constitution."

On Friday, Basra witnessed masked demonstrators burning the headquarters of political parties, government institutions and the Iranian consulate

Source: National Iraqi News Agency