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Derian: All parties are asked to cooperate with PM-designate over government formation

Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, visited this Tuesday former PM Salim Al-Hoss, and praised the latter's "great national values and fruitful experience as Prime Minister."

"We discussed the current issues of the homeland and stressed the necessity of adhering to the constitution and the Taif agreement, which preserves the unity of the Lebanese and protects the political and institutional stability in Lebanon," said Derian in the wake of the meeting.

"We hope a government will be formed as soon as possible. Formation requires all parties to cooperate with the the PM-designate (...) because we face a worrying situation in Lebanon, and we are in real crisis," he said.

"Everyone is asked to exhibit humility and compromise, because it is conceding for the benefit of the homeland that wins in the end," the Mufti stressed.

Source: National News Agency