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ElKhalil says government formation an urgent national necessity

Development and Liberation" Parliamentary Bloc Secretary-General, MP Anwar El-Khalil, stressed Saturday that "the formation of the new government has become an urgent national necessity."

"Any delay, whatever the cause, is reflecting negatively on the economic situation that is already in jeopardy," warned El-Khalil.

"The economic situation is suffering huge crises as a result of many internal and regional factors, and thus needs a positive shock to be revived," he added, addressing the popular delegations who visited him this morning from the towns of Hasbaya, Kfeir, Ain Jarfa, Ibl El-Saqi and Fardis.

"It is reassuring that the monetary situation is still stable, solid and and secure, but it is necessary that this situation be improved and strengthened through the formation of the government," the MP emphasized.

"We, therefore, appeal to the Prime Minister-designate and the President of the Republic to work together to fortify Lebanon in the face of regional challenges, which seem to be decisive in the history of the region," El-Khalil underscored.

Source: National News Agency