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Kanaan: Parliament of necessity legislates, government of necessity takes no decisions

Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary Bloc Secretary, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, asserted Saturday that the President of the Republic wants a government at the earliest opportunity but refuses any extortion whether internal or external.

Referring to what is being circulated about a "government of necessity meeting", Kanaan said: "Constitution-wise, a parliament of necessity can legislate in wake of a caretaking government; however, a government of necessity cannot adopt any decisions but merely conduct operations."

Speaking in an interview to "New TV" Channel today, Kanaan expected contacts to be activated for reaching possible solutions.

"We are in the event of finalizing underway negotiations between various, what is required is to abstain from any gossip, especially that the Lebanese want a government in light of the economic and social challenges and the displaced dossier," Kanaan emphasized.

"Accordingly, an internal decision is needed for a cabinet formation that takes into account 95% of the demands of the blocs, respects the Constitution and the results of the elections, and places the national interests above the interests of blocs and parties," he underscored

Source: National News Agency