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Al-Saadoun: Time is enough for Abdul Mahdi to choose names according to the political technocrats of his cabinet

BAGHDAD, The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mohsen al-Saadoun stressed that the time enough for Abdul-Mahdi to choose names according to the technocrats of the political cabinet.

"The Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi will choose the right people and he has full freedom to do so, and allow the blocs to object if the rejection has convincing reasons," Al-Saadoun told NINA.

He added that "the next stage is important in the history of Iraq and a new stage and we reserved the choice of the President of the Republic, and the Patriotic Union did not abide by the custom of naming the candidate in accordance with the Kurdish agreement, as was the case in former presidents, and this reservation is still ours, explaining that" the dispute over the presidency will not affect the consultations to form a government, but will reflect on future relations between the Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union. "

"We want to form a government of services, especially that the previous government is disabled for reasons and circumstances very difficult for Iraq and everyone today to think about changing the ministerial work in solving the problems, and we will not have any reservation but we have some demands that we see legitimate to form a higher policy and achieve more harmony "

He pointed out that "the government cab now became clear that the blocs offer their candidates to Abdul Mahdi without any pressure, as happened in the past, considering that his mandate was on both sides of the reform and reconstruction and the coalition of construction, which is a compromise option and must respect this will.

He pointed out that "the Iraqi people have become the popular watchdog and Abdul Mahdi to take a real stand in the fight against corruption, regardless of who stands behind it, stressing that" the government program will include steps to fight corruption, it is unacceptable to silence the files of corruption.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency