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An Energy Expert Confirms: Iraq Can Use Gas Associated With The Oil Extraction To Produce Electricity

BAGHDAD, Iraq needs to take advantage of the associated gas from the extraction of oil and its direct use in the production of electricity, Jaafar Diaa Jaafar an expert in the field of energy, the head of Iraq's former scientific community confirmed on Saturday.

Jafar, a scientist in atomic physics who works as director of Oruk Engineering and Contracting Company told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA)"Over the past several months, our company has been working with General Electric Company to prepare a project that deals with the treatment of the associated gas from the extraction of oil that is currently burning daily, which is about 1,500 to 1,700 million standard cubic feet per day, because it is necessary to treat this gas and use it in the production of electric power, through a consolidated facility (for the intensification of gas and produce electric power). "

He added, "If we take 300 million cubic feet of gas, which is currently burns, which means a fifth of the amount associated with the production of oil in general, we can produce 2000 megawatts of electricity, in addition to processing gas, and converting it to secondary processors, such as LPG, and condensation of liquids others, estimated at 500 million dollars a year, as an export value for Iraq. "

"The main advantages of the unified project is provision of capital for the establishment of each facility separately, if we work in Iraq on the establishment of 5 plants unified, it will be possible to process all the associated gas in Iraq, which is burning waste in the current period, and also produce electricity power estimated at 10 thousand megawatts of this gas.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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