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Aoun tackles government formation updates, educational affairs with Baabda visitors

The Baabda Palace witnessed this Tuesday a series of meetings that dwelled on the developments related to the formation of the government, in addition to talks on political, diplomatic and educational affairs.

Politically, President of the Republic General Michel Aoun welcomed caretaker Minister of State for Planning Affairs, Michel Pharaon, with talks touching on the current political updates and the course of forming a new government, after the meeting held by minister Pharaon with PM-designate Saad Hariri, commissioned by the Patriarch of the Melkite Catholic, Youssef Abssi.

Pharaon said that he discussed with President Aoun "the issue of Roman Catholics representation in the government after circulating information about the existence of a complication which may appear later in the formation stages around the portfolios assigned to Catholic ministers."

The minister uttered "full confidence in the Presidents of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and PM-designate Saad Hariri and others tasked to reach formulas that will prevent any unfairness against the Catholic community or others."

"I have been assured by His Excellency the President, and before him the Premier-designate on the keenness to respect the national reconciliation document and its implications, including the rights of communities," he said.

President Aoun also met, in the presence of MP Elias Bou Saab, with Metropolitan of Beirut for the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Audi, and held a round of talks with him on the current political developments and the process of forming the government, in addition to matters related to the Greek Orthodox community.

After the meeting, Audi said "I wished His Excellency the President, at the beginning of his third year in office, health and long life to pursue his efforts for the good of Lebanon and its stability, for growth and prosperity and for the course of fighting corruption, so as to bring back hope to the homeland and its sons. We expressed our sorrow over the constant complications faced by the government. We hope that a government will be born soon to take the country out of its stalemate and save the citizens from the prevailing despair. We wished upon the President to give the best representation to the Orthodox within the cabinet, and that their rights in the administration be preserved as long as we are a State that adopts sectarianism in recruitment."

"I have raised with the President the project of setting up a crematorium in Karantina, and the risks of doubling the pollution levels in Beirut as is the case in Jounieh, which would negatively affect the health of citizens," he added.

Educationally, President Aoun welcomed, in the presence of caretaker Minister of Justice Salim Jreissati and the Ambassador of France, Bruno Foucher, Head of the French secular mission, Francois Perret, Director General of the Mission, Jean-Christophe Debre, and representative of the mission in Lebanon Andre Daouk.

During the meeting, Perret tackled the role played by "the French secular mission schools in Lebanon for over 110 years ago," this underlining "the attachment to Lebanon and its pioneering role."

President Aoun praised the work of the French secular mission and its educational ramifications spread across Lebanon, stressing "help in overcoming the difficulties that may impede its educational role."

The Baabda Palace also witnessed a meeting between President Aoun and Lebanon's Ambassador to Algeria, Mohammad Mahmoud Hassan, with talks dwelling on Lebanese-Algerian relations.

Source: National News Agency