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Barzani Meets A French Delegation, Confirms His Support To Abdul-Mahdi In Forming His Govt

BAGHDAD, Kurdistan Regional Government President NechirvanBarzani confirmed his support for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in forming his government.

A statement of the KRG said "Barzani met with a high-ranking French delegation composed of Mariel de Sarnez, the head of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the French Parliament, Claude Couscain and Delphon., members of the Commission, Bruno Obert of France and Dominique Maas, the French consul in the region ".

During the meeting, the delegation expressed its high appreciation of the heroism of the Kurdistan Peshmerga in dealing with terrorist attacks and receiving large numbers of displaced persons and refugees, escaped from the terror.

For his part, Barzani thanked "the ongoing French aid to the Kurdistan region in difficult periods, and provided a summary of the war against Daesh and its repercussions, especially the arrival of a large number of displaced persons and refugees to the Kurdistan region.

Barzani, during the meeting, talked about the formation of the new ministerial cabinet of the federal government and the provincial government, expressing support for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to start a successful government and restore stability and create good economic conditions in the region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency