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Berri, Belgian counterpart ink parliamentary partnership protocol

Speaker of the House, NabihBerri, and President of the Belgian House of Representatives, Siegfried Baracke, on Monday highlighted the paramount importance of strengthening bilateral relations and parliamentary cooperation between Lebanon and Belgium. In this vein, the pair inked today a partnership protocol between the two countries that expires in the year 2021.

The partnership protocol serves parliamentary cooperation, as well as the exchange of expertise and information on matters of mutual interest, including those involving legislation and supervision, as well as the exchange of visits at the parliamentary level.

Berri held a meeting with his visiting Belgian delegation during which the protocol agreement between the two countries was signed. The meeting was followed by a joint press conference initiated by President Berri, who welcomed his guests and said: "We stressed the need to strengthen economic cooperation between Lebanon and Belgium; we expect it to be more strengthened, especially after the formation of the awaited government.

Berri seized the opportunity to thank Belgium for its contributions to Lebanon, including those within the framework of UNIFIL.

The House Speaker also congratulated Belgium for it will become a member of the UN Security Council as of the beginning of next year. He thanked as well his Belgian counterpart for having personally supported issues involving Palestinians and UNRWA, and for his support of a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

In turn, the Belgian House Speaker said, I have been very delighted to meet with the Speaker of the Lebanese House of Parliament. We had met three years ago, and I still remember the useful talks we had about the future of Lebanon, Belgium, and the European Union.

We have exchanged very useful views on the future because we, in Belgium, are aware of the many complexities of finding sound and non-bloodshed solutions. This is the most important thing for us. Of course, the assessment of the situation in each country depends on the events and developments inside and outside each country, the Belgian Speaker said.

We are aware that Speaker Berri is capable of solving all problems, no matter what their complexity, in an optimistic manner and away from violence � in a positive and political way that suits all the Lebanese, he added.

I would like to say that I am very pleased to have signed with Berri a partnership agreement between the Lebanese and Belgian parliaments, and I want to point out that some of the agreements signed are not practically applicable, but this agreement has been implemented the first minute it was signed. We look forward to continuing these efforts within the next three years, Baracke concluded.

Source: National News Agency