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Hariri receives UNCTAD secretary general

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri received today at the Center House the Secretary General of UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) Mukhisa Kituyi and ESCWA Deputy Executive Secretary for Programme, Mounir Tabet, in the presence of his advisor Nadim Mounla.

After the meeting, Kituyi said:

"I have been in Beirut for the last two days, first and foremost because I have been attending the ESCWA organized International Conference on Financing Sustainable Development ~ Curbing Illicit Financial Flows, which started yesterday and is ongoing.

I also joined the celebrations of the International day of solidarity ith the Palestinian people in Chatila this morning.

The last part of my program was to meet with his Excellency Prime Minister Hariri on a number of key things.

First, to express our appreciation as an organization and on behalf of the UN family for the partnership and cooperation we continue to have with the government of Lebanon.

For my organization specifically, we have a number of key programs we have been running in this country. We developed for the government the

debt management program for the Central Bank and the ministry of Finance and a SECUDA program for automatic management of customs in Lebanon, where Lebanon is one of the best performers in the management of this program and the utilization for managing public resources in the country.

We have been helping the government of Lebanon in preparing a national investment policy review which is now complete and will be formally launched to the world in Geneva next week at the UN investment commission. I express our appreciation for the partnership and we hope that this would underlie major new thinking and broadening of investment as an activity of this country.

Finally, we just discussed with the Prime minister one of our fastest rising program globally, helping to develop a national strategy on electronic commerce and identifying the gaps in policy and infrastructure in skilled development for the digital economy and we agreed that the government will make necessary steps and you will see progress coming along in the coming days in deepening our partnership in this area."

Source: National News Agency

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