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MP: Parliamentary Consensus To Amend The Budget To Ensure The Return And compensate All Displaced

Baghdad, A Member of the House of Representatives from the Iraqi Axis Alliance, Abdullah al-Kharbit confirmed there is a parliamentary consensus on the important amendments to the budget to ensure the return of all displaced persons, compensate them, and build their houses.

Kharbit told NINA "The budget is under the hands of the parliament and will amend it by a collective demand for the return of displaced people and allocate all material and logistic resources for their return, compensate them and build their houses,"

He added "The citizen cannot be left on the side of the road besieged by floods and burned by hot summer"

It is noteworthy that a parliamentary committee and another government held two meetings during the last days in the House of Representatives to discuss the general budget for next year and the observations of the political blocs.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency