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Aridi meets Berri, says tampering with salary scale begets chaos

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, on Friday welcomed at his Ein Teeneh residence, Former Minister, Ghazi Aridi. Talks between the pair reportedly touched on the country's general affairs and condition.

I think we have reached a point where we should draw a dividing line between what we had done in the previous phase, and what we are going through in the present time. We should be compelled to ward off all the previous malpractices that have brought the country to the shape it's in today,Aridi said on emerging, sounding the alarm on the serious financial situation in Lebanon.

Touching on the previously endorsed wage hike, Aridi reiterated his political party's clear position on everything that had been discussed concerning the salary scale. He warned that any attempt at tampering with the wage hike might bog the nation down in chaos that's more dangerous than the war.

We can opt for other solutions if we are well-managed and acted rationally and wisely, he added.

On another level, Berri welcomed on Friday Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Lebanon, with whom he discussed the best means to boost bilateral relations. He also received Head of the Finance Committee, Ibrahim Kanaan, who briefed him on an array of financial matters.

Source: National News Agency

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