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To Complete The Cabinet.. Abdul-Mahdi Calls Halbousi To Stimulate The Parliamentary Blocs To Agree Or Vote

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi called on Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halbusi to stimulate parliamentary blocs to agree or vote on the completion of the cabinet.

Abdul Mahdi presented four proposals or solutions to complete the cabinet, the first one is to submit the names of the candidates as they arrived to the Council and as presented on 4 of this month to be accepted or rejected and the second, the two main blocs (reconstruction and reform and construction) accept 5 or 6 ministries and postpone the rest.

The third proposal is that the two main blocs should agree on new names, in whole or in part, and submit them to the Prime Minister for agreement and the fourth is that the two main blocs leave the subject to the Prime Minister and the House of Representatives to accept or reject them in part or in full during the vote without breaking the quorum or obstructing it.

It is scheduled to be voting today and according to the agenda of the session of the parliament today to complete the cabinet.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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