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Ghanmi Chairs The Meeting Of Coordination Committees Between The MoD And The Peshmerga Forces

BAGHDAD, The Chief of the Army Staff, Major General Othman Al-Ghanmi presided over the meeting of the main and subsidiary joint committees formed under the guidance of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces between the Ministries of Defense and the Peshmerga.

"During the meeting, the results of the meeting held between the chief of staff of the army and the leaders of the region were presented and discussed, and the meeting came out with recommendations according to which it was agreed to identify joint focal points and common ground, not to allow infiltration of terrorists and to ensure the functioning of military units, in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces.

The chief of staff stressed the need for joint cooperation and teamwork among the people of the country, which is in the interest of the security, stability and sovereignty of Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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